Document migration is a delicate process

The documentation migration process involves various steps such as content cleanup, content structuring, and information architecture to make any content a profitable intellectual property. Rushed content migration often leads to various content management problems. Metapercept follows an effective and efficient migration process. We can also replace or deploy additional systems required for data consistency without compromising data quality.

Substantial unstructured documents cause legacy issues that lead to maintenance, redundancy, and versioning challenges.

Managing the enterprise content or product documentation and with a decade-long experience, Metapercept has established a five-stage approach to a successful migration process.

Experts in document migration

Metapercept has rich experience in migrating unstructured documents such as MS-Word, Unstructured Adobe FrameMaker, and Adobe RoboHelp content to structured formats like DITA-XML and DocBook. Metapercept can always meet your document migration needs by providing cost-effective and efficient solutions, thus increasing the ROI of your technical publication system. We follow a highly organized approach to migrating the document by implementing a structured change management strategy by enforcing content analysis, information architecture, and content auditing.

Our detailed approach for data migration involves:

  • Discovery: We help you discover all the hidden data
  • Extraction: We extract data from its location to start the process
  • Transformation: We deep clean the accumulated data
  • Audit: We check the new data system
  • Indexing: We label metadata for better findability in an organized way