Remove barriers to innovation

We design and develop Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) that offer easy access to organization information, better user experience to customers, and encourage collaborations. KMS designed by us focuses on improving business processes by facilitating sharing of intellectual property and knowledge articles of products, processes, or services. Our KMS designing and development services ensure improved content availability, increased content collaboration, and high user engagement.

Using information technology and systems to develop knowledge management within innovative enterprises.

Metapercept helps you integrate strategic knowledge management and knowledge infrastructures into real-daily management situations.

Build cross channel support

A knowledge management system help you foster a culture of learning and sharing knowledge with peers and customers. It lets you build a collaborative platform to enable knowledge sharing with business partners, clients, customer and end-users. A KMS will help you eliminate the risk of knowledge gap and legacy content.

What do we offer:

  • Document and file management
  • Role and user-based access control
  • Content collaboration
  • Content versioning
  • Rich media management
  • Approval and workflow management
  • Social media integration
  • Scalability for future upgrades