Why does your content need structuring?

If your content is unstructured, you may spend excessive time on creation and management. Structured content is the key to transforming your information into valuable intellectual property.

Adopting a structured content-based information system enables collaborative authoring, promotes content reuse, and automates the publishing process. This not only optimizes information management but also enhances productivity, making your content work efficiently for you.

Structured authority

Optimize the single-sourced and structured content workflow.

Ensure content consistency, enhanced management, and redundancy elimination. Adopt a '’write once, use everywhere’' approach for streamlined and efficient content utilization.

An agile method for delivering technical documents

Metapercept is one of the industry leaders in offering structured authoring services for both IT and non-IT industries. In India, the entity is recognized as an end-to-end DITA-XML, DocBook, and S1000D-based structured authoring service provider. Structured authoring makes the technical documentation process more manageable and uses agile methodologies to deliver technical documents for quick release cycles.

With the implementation of structured authoring in your tech pub, your organization can leverage information consistency, content reuse, and easy content management.

  • Unstructured to structured content migration

  • Content cleanup and metadata application

  • Content labeling and keyword application

  • Develop taxonomies and terminologies

  • Customization and extension