Structured Authoring

We are renowned providers of end-to-end DITA-XML, DocBook, Markdown, and S1000D-based structured authoring service in Pune, India. Structured documentation ensures an agile methodology for delivering technical documentation projects with quick release cycles.

Content Analysis

Our content analysis service is a great way to get started with the pilot of your technical documentation project. Let us analyze how you manage all the technical information.

We enable optimization, modernization, and digitization of your organization's content with the best-of-breed methods and skills. Our expertise lies in fundamental content analysis to complex content management, migration, and simplifying the complete business outcomes. We have expertise in adding admin dashboards to improve your app and website performances.

Our information consistency, content reuse, and easy content management. Our team is dedicated to optimizing structured documentation for higher returns on investments adhering to the semantically marked up modular content rich in the metadata.

  • Single-solution to meets all your need of operation, presentation, and ease of use
  • Gain strategic insight for decision-making
  • Ensure compliance with organizational goals
  • Accommodate the fast-paced business model
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Compelling visual designs to have a high usability experience
  • Review performance against KPIs

Topic-Based Authoring

Is topic-based authoring the future of technical writing is a very old question to ask. All the immediate doubts about topic-based authoring are past now. With Markdown being one of the favorite content formats, topic-based authoring is simple to implement.

With the topic-based authoring content is self-contained irrespective of the authoring tool you use or the structured authoring methodologies you use. We can help you replace your existing text-heavy content by converting them into topic-based content that is rich in metadata. With the implementation of topic-based authoring, you can:

  • Reduce the overall cost technical publishing within two to three years
  • Implement topic-based authoring within short time and low maintenance
  • Implement open-source tools for automating the review process
  • Implement metadata rich content that is easy to manage
  • Consistent and high quality writing standards
  • Easier technical publication process during release deadlines

Element Definitions

The importance of content element definition is to provide a mechanism for extensive data type definitions intended for specific instances and purposes. We at Metapercept have expertise in translating the element definitions of document standards such as DITA-XML, S1000D, ST4, and custom DTD libraries. Along with the content definitions, we also define the attributes to handle special requirements required for authoring and publishing. As part of our content element definition services we deliver:

  • Definition and structuring
  • Tokenization and sequencing
  • Classification and taxonomy
  • DTD and Schema development
  • Element information architecture

Content Reuse

Metapercept offers content strategy solutions that let you reuse the existing content and reduce the duplication of information in the document. Write once, use multiple times. By reusing your content, not only can you save on duplication of content, but save time and content management efforts.

We are experts at defining variables, conditional text to handle content reuse and improvise the content mapping across the document. So, if you have a need to improve your legacy document, then contact us. Our content reuse consultancy can help you reuse content thus improving the return on investment for your product documents.

  • Topic, chapter, and graphics reuse
  • Reusable content conditioning
  • Improved document structure
  • Variable, taxonomy, and ontology implementation

Content Management

Poorly managed content leads to legacy issues and a bad user experience. Content management platforms must be made simple to deliver the best possible experiences for your product or services related information.

Content Compatibility

Metapercept is a leading DITA-XML CMS solution and service provider with expertise in handling large volumes of content in a streamlined format.

We help you to make your content compatible while migrating content from unstructured to structured in DITA-XML, S1000D, or Markdown formats. We help you:

  • Assess, migrate, deploy, and test the technical publication content
  • Streamline the content ingestion process
  • Create efficient content strategy pre and post content migration
  • Ensure efficient storage and retrieval of content
  • Create and manage SEO content for various platforms and devices

Content Tuning

Content is prime to successful customer engagement, generating brand awareness, and increasing product adaptability. Our content tuning process involves skimming and sorting through the vast amounts of content available in your content management system, cherry-picking the most relevant content and preparing the ontology-based categorization.

Our teams follow the three-part process of content tuning to ensure that you provide relevant information without information overload.

  • Harness the power of content strategy
  • Powerful content searchability through content categorization
  • Increased content discovery and relevancy
  • Improved content reusability and user experience
  • Impactful content tuning

Content Transformation

Content transformation is the process of reusing the existing content by transforming the content to a usable format. Legacy content is often text heavy and does not leave much scope for content reuse.

We at Metapercept can help you improve the content quality by transforming content to XML source formats that are rich in metadata and help your content become dynamic content. We have the ability to deliver complex technical writing project through:

  • Content conversion to usable formats.
  • Content acquisition and ingestion.
  • Content collection, conversion, normalization, and validation
  • Metadata mining, conditionalizing, and single-sourcing
  • Content architecture, semantic enrichment, and classification
  • Structured content authoring, styling, and publishing

Unified Authoring

Having a unified authoring platform is a much needed solution in todays' world. With cloud infrastructure, companies like Google and Microsoft unifies the authors to write their content in a shared document.

We at Metapercept develop plugins and authoring solutions for unified authoring with full content control over authoring, versioning, workflows, and publishing mechanisms. You can utilize open-source tools like GitHub or BitBucket as content repositories through our unified content authoring connectors to work in a collaborative environment. Our solution is focused on:

  • Unified protocol description with XML structures
  • Instant implementation and authoring tool agnostic
  • Easy setup with extended feature support
  • Content LOCK-IN mechanism for unified authoring

Content Strategy

Only well-strategized content can bring the effectiveness to drive traffic through content. We help you increase customer engagement and retention with our expertise in content strategy to create, prioritize and distribute content.

Content Audit

Achieving the content distribution goal cannot be achieved without an appropriate content audit. Any information management system will require the removal of legacy content, keyword issues, and structure gaps.

Our approach to content audit can help you repurpose existing content and identify the gaps that are hindering content optimization. We apply various diagnostic methodologies and tools for content treatment, cleaning, mapping, and strategizing for particular needs and objectives of each company.

  • Performing gap analysis
  • Identifying and classifying audience types
  • Enabling metadata content
  • Analyzing content publishing pipeline
  • Establishing brand value through content

Content Management

We help our customers in identifying the right content management system and help them manage their technical content using a native or cloud-based hybrid content management system. Our content management solutions are focused on managing information at the topic level and even at the document level thus amplifying the content reuse and content collaboration.

Our content management solutions can manage all types of content ranging from text, photos, phrases, chapters, and media files across the projects within an organization.

  • Simplified Content Retrieval
  • Reusable and unified content
  • Improved team collaboration
  • Optimized content utilization
  • Content interoperability between teams
  • The dynamic content delivery mechanism

Content Structuring

With DITA and its topic-based approach to authoring, content structuring plays a vital role in the entire technical publication system. Technical documents must not be considered just as a piece of product reference material, but the intellectual property of an organization for monetization.

Our approach is relatively knowledgeable about the content and helps in improving the content structure to deliver the document outputs with the right information distribution mechanism. We help in creating dynamic content structure and make it context-based. We follow the methods like:

  • Content structure assessment
  • Content distribution assessment
  • Implement improved content structure
  • Content reuse and integration
  • Implementation and deployment

Content Optimization

Content governance with a well maintained and quality information system across the technical documents is the need of the hour. Our comprehensive content optimization services are highly recommended for organizations that want to resonate with their audience.

With our standard and advanced content optimization services, we enable structured content to create a great user experience. We perform content optimization with keywords and metadata to make it more marketable.

  • Improved content searchability through metadata
  • Content resonates to increase content availability
  • Content categorization through taxonomy and ontology
  • Go-to-market approach with optimized content

Content Migration

Migrating unstructured content to a structured format is a delicate process, and we know how to make it profitable for you. Migrate your legacy content from unstructured-to-structured format or vice-versa.

Mapping Analysis

Creating effective content mapping is a powerful tool for any information system. Planning content mapping determines how effectively your customers will be engaged with your product.

Content mapping can provide insights to help you implement effective marketing strategies, and improve your products or services. Our service offerings include content audit, categorization, and content mapping using a centralized library to avoid redundant content. With content maps in place right content is made available for specific needs. Without a top-down approach in content mapping, we:

  • Define key content strategy pillars
  • Research and segment content
  • Define product or services journey
  • Define content data points and personas
  • Monitor and analyze content usability

Information Distribution

Single-sourcing of your organization's information system is planned and implemented through a planned information distribution solution. With an appropriate information distribution system we can help you manage your product content to different output formats across multiple channels.

Information distribution services act as a global information mapping ensuring well placed content that is easily searchable and improved user experience. We ensure the right information is available to the right people at the right time.

  • Develop communication methodology through technology
  • Continuous integration and continuous deployment of content
  • Improved business communication and updated content
  • Overall product and service improvements

Content Cleanup

Any content that is no longer in use or is not associated with the product is irrelevant and causes ambiguity and redundancies. Through a proper content cleanup, the content distribution system improves drastically. We help in cleaning up the legacy content that is redundant, repetitive, or is an orphan content.

The content cleanup process ensures easy availability of meaningful content for your audience, improved navigation, and consistency with the high quality content assets. We help you:

  • Categorize content to high-quality content
  • Develop useful and relevant content
  • Remove outdated, ambiguous, irrelevant content
  • Content categorization and terminology setup
  • Quantify organic content for better usability

Output Distribution

Technical documentation output production and availability must be bespoke. Your business may have different levels of business partners or customers with different information requirements. We offer a range of secure and innovative solutions to help you maximise the benefit of technical documents output distribution mechanisms.

Our solution offering can help you reduce the publishing costs significantly through lean methodology through continuous distribution and content integration. We help in building content output distribution system that are:

  • Flexible and scalable output distribution system
  • Refined and improved publishing mechanism
  • Improved document output workflow through CI/CD
  • High resolution content availability
  • Consistent, superior quality content